Week 8: Family

We are down to our last month! Our goal was 80% of the first year by July 15th and here we are with 100% of the first year on June 19th. 66% of our total 2 years to be exact! God has made it abundantly clear that He is in control here. That He is doing this. One of the scariest parts of this support-raising process is realizing that all of our income will come from others, people we know and people we've never met. Can that many people really care that much about what we are doing and what we believe God has called us to? The answer is Yes. Yes. YES!

While we are celebrating that yes, we also realize we only have ONE MONTH to round out our support so we can start the program with a very present and intentional focus! This will only grow more challenging as our window of time for face to face meetings dwindles. As our need for packing and finding a new house and moving increases. Our balances will resettle and life will look a little different. And we pray we can transition gracefully and continue to feel God’s yes, pushing us forward. Help us with that yes, won’t you?

Also wanted to give a more personal update. It’s summertime and the temperature is doing a good job of making sure we know that. It’s almost too hot during the day to get out with the boys but when we do it’s mostly hose time in the front yard. I wish I was brave enough to take both boys to a pool but since Leo completely lacks a fear of water, I just can’t bring myself to go at it alone.

We've also been taking a lot of trips to the library. Leo has had a spiked interest in reading. We already read every night but he has been picking out books to read during the day as well. His recent library picks were all in the science section. He saw a dinosaur book and was then glued to that shelf, so this week we will be reading about: dinosaurs, time zones, sea life, electricity, and trains.

August is teething big time. He is currently working on his 4th tooth. He somehow skipped his two front teeth on top and went straight for the incisors so he is looking a little snaggle toothed, but still just as cute!

This past weekend I was given a beautiful going away party. A few dear friends surrounded me with love and encouragement as well as delicious snacks and beverages. We sat outside and shared life happenings and it was so good. I woke up the morning after and cried my first real “we are leaving” cry. But it felt good to process it and even though crying feels weird sometimes, it is a gift to cry because I am leaving a group of people who have been so good to me. We have great friends, great family and the best support group. So much thankfulness happening right now.

Ryan and I are still working on a little bit of everything, being married, parenting, support raising, working, spending time with friends, attending going away parties and trying to soak in summertime as well. It's busy but good. Everything we have going on is a good thing and for that we are joy filled and thankful.

Specific prayers for this week:

1. A praise that our appraisal came through without a hitch, so the selling process is smooth sailing for now!

2. Pray that we have an increased number of responses from phone calls and meetings so that our momentum continues.

3. Pray that as our time here in Kansas City is coming to a close, that we'd spend our days not only working and support raising but also with friends and family. That we'd be able to divide our attention so that our dearest community feels so loved.